From Balloons to Crackle: Journey of a sweet friendship

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Friday, July 23, 2010

Well this post is about a complete stranger who ended up being my best friend forever!!..We werent tat gud friends when we were in11th..Just class mates..
And the story behind the friendship...I blush even now when he brings up the topic..It was the most embarrassing moment for me...I dont believe am posting abt it...

It was the Christmas celebration of 12th!!! Everyone was busy showing off the presents given by their respective Christmas pals!!I still dont remember how it all started..who was the one who brought water balloons to our class..still searching 4 that idiot!!!! I was having fun clicking pics with my Digi cam brand new one..First attack if my memory is ryt was on sudheepta..the topper of bio group..she was attacked with the first water balloon if the reports are to be believed.. then there were several attacks...was laughing at the way people were running through the corridors to take revenge on one another...never knew I was going to be a victim shortly.

It all started when Aryan my bes-tie found a water balloon and started aiming at me....
Exactly at tat time I saw this guy in my class who was packing his bag and was getting ready to leave class..as if he was an alien in our planet..as if it didnt matter wat was going around him..he was in his corner of forest....(I know you are going to kill me for portraying u as an alien!!Friendhsip mein sab kuch chalta hein )So I just pointed at him and asked Aryan to aim at him instead of me..That was all I said..And the series of events what happened after that s history!!!I saw Aryan moving out of the class with his balloon..And I was about to leave the class..when something hit badly on me...I turned around and found I was attacked by a water balloon..but that wasn't what shocked me....when I saw the face behind the attack..I was literally shocked!!!!
The alien in our planet aka the so simple introvert,shy,guy..with a grin on his face..I swear I saw all of his 32 teeth...the guy did have an awesome smile..!!! But that wasn't what mattered..I was wet.and the thought that it was the alien who had attacked me made me mad...yep I was real mad!!!!When I saw that he was leaving...I filed my bottle full of water and tilted it..HE tried to block with AIEEE brochure..hell with the brochure..alien am going to evacuate you from our planet forever...I never knew that bottle can tilt on anyone it likes!!!He managed to tilt it and once again I was completely wet!!!!!!!!! The worst thing happened shortly..I slipped on the water spilled by me and fell on my back in front of the whole class!!!!!!!!!!!For a second I wanted to vanish into thin air..I wanted someone to kill me..I wanted to make a tunnel just there itself..I had mixed emotions..sad,angry,embarassed to the core,helpless,....The first face I saw showed an emotion of pathetic..I didnt have the nerve to face all..felt like the whole world was watching me..as if ..as if he was not the ALIEN it was ME!!!!I vowed not to bring tears and that too due to the mishap caused by that alien never!!FIGHT for yourself!!!I managed to get up somehow(yeah i was such a brave girl u see :P please dont feel bad while reading )..The alien who attacked me had become a native now and I was the alien...When I saw him I felt like I was seeing yam raj for the first time..except tat he didnt have a buffalo...but I could see his two big horns..big mustache..and his laugh llike thunder to my ears..I knew there was nothing to lose..I lost my mind..both my brain and concentration ran off together.and the next moment I was chasing him like a foooooooool!!!!..I raced him up and down the stairs and lost track of him....(learned later from him that he was relaxing in some class and was watching me running throughout the school!!! I know I was a pakka IDIOT)..Even chased him on my friends kinetic..and soon the news that my Digi cam was missing brought me back into the real world...Now I felt sad..I forgot all about the alien and soon everyone including the alien were engaged in searching for my cam...

I never got my cam back..it was lost :(..But those water balloon fights and the series of events that followed gave me a best friend...a friend forever..Though we dont study together now..we have parted our ways..different college..different life..but we haven't changed..though we meet rarely now...those unusual meetings are made sweeter with the crackle(diary milk not the fire crackers he isnt that bad!!:P) he brings with him... All I can say is that its been a sweet journey from balloons to crackles...
But my dear alien...I haven't forgotten the fact that I haven't taken my revenge....Its just that am still not good at aiming... :(



hey shruthi don worry..will take lessons frm Jerin..nd we'll do it ...a royal revenge...5 ballons at a tym..kk...??

done!!! my dear anonymous :P :P

it made me nostalgic I must say :P -- Super

super bhai thanks 4 going thru :) good to know that I refreshed you memories

I always enjoy reading personal diaries though don't prefer writing about it.
That was a cute story. I envy you for you guys are still friends. My best friend hardly talks to me because he is busy with his work all the time. It's like we can't continue being friends.

PS: Do visit my blog if possible. Here's the link: "Dream boy": http://bit.ly/b5mjOB

By the way, I liked your blog's template.
Keep Blogging! :)

Nice template and post too
visit mine

royal revenge :D nt a bad idea :D

everything needs a spark and in some cases a splash would do better :)

@netra:will definitely check ur blog too..yeah..am not going to let this friendship wither..I hope your bestfriend will soon understand what he has lost..trust me..!! thx for the comments .. blessed be<3
@Maniceet: read ur blog..good post..waiting for the next one eagerly..thx for stopping by and spending time on my post blessed be<3
@avi...wat to say..hope u liked it..was thinking of this long before..things worked out now!!And the royal revenge..its definitely not a bad idea..I have jerin and my anonymous friend :P!!..soo I hope am going to get a crackle soon :D..
Thanks my alien ;)blessed be<3

@ shruthi
I appreciated that you visited my blog.
I don't write a diary but luv reading one, i also wait for your next post

@netra What I believe is tat...If you truly want to be with someone no time is too long and no distance is too far.

@Maniceet thanx dear blessed be <3

hey.. found ur blog through the orkut community. liked it.

that was a cute story well presented. Keep on blogging!

thanx sherin...yup will always keep on blogging :) blessed be<3

nice post...funny how people we thot we wud never have anything to do with upto the end of our days manage to turn out be our best friends!!!!
me 2 have lots of experiences like that!!!!:D

thanx khadeeja for going thru :)yeah when u have crazy friends you will definitely have crazy times :D..thx again blessed be <3

u meant avi sis??

- frm vj

@Vj yeah yeah :D
@maniceet will chk it

hahaha.... nice one... loved it... I cud imagine the whole scene except tat i donno how ya guys look.... well... they say revenge is sweet... lemme kno wen yo taste the one yo ve been waiting, i guess practicing too :)

hey have been waiting 4 ur comments.. :) was wondering where u were!! My last 3 posts missed ur comments...saw your new ones..seems u have been thinking aloot lately :)
Abt the revenge..dnt think it will happen anywhere in the near future.. :D :D will let u know when I taste the sweetness of the revenge :P

n the big splash theory continues.. :D

Ah . Baloon fight!. I am always game for that. Is the brochure ok ?
Keep a filled up baloon ready just in case you find that "alien". Paybacks a .....!
Funny post.

@nishant :D :D paybacks..aah dnt see it happening anywhere in the near future :D thx for stopping by..blessed be <3

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