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Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Sunday, July 18, 2010

She was born as younger one to her parents about which she never complained even when she knew that their expectations were high upon their son...Even when her amma used to tell her that they were soo precious for her just like both eyes for a human..but silently she said to herself how weak one of her amma's eyes were!!!

Somewhere , sometimes she silently wished if only she could be a boy...She never disliked her sibling..she was always fond of him..she was the one who always gave up when they fought for she knew silently that was what her amma silently wished for...She always thought how lucky he was...born as...excellent in academics,knowledge wasn't limited within his school books,he wrote amazing poetries and stories.... She always tried to match up with him but he was always, still is far beyond her reach...She had talents,but wasnt multi talented like him,she had stories which unlike his remained untold untill one of her teacher found her work good...when she bagged a prize for her story it too got lost amidst the prizes of her brother...but she never complained and believed what her amma said was right may be she got only a bit of her brothers talent in writing..She didn't complain...she still continued to write unlike him.. ... in fact she loved writing which her parents never knew and still they dont.....she felt some kind of peace..she wrote whatever came into her mind..May be that was why she loved her diary and thinks of her as her prized possession

She understood there wasnt any point in competing with him..for he had far faaar..faar... excelled..She didnt complain when her parents revealed that their happiest moment was the day when their son made them proud by making their dream true..for by now she knew where she was lost.... what she could never do for them?? She knew her dreams remained as such unlike his..He did everything she couldnt but she didnt complain..whether it was him or her at the end of which her parents were happy..

She never complained when her bestfriend backstabbed her..
She didnt complain when she knew she wasnt even worth loving..
She didnt complain when people made fun of her being an emotional weirdo
She didnt complain when people accused her for living in a fantasy world
She didnt complain when she learned people can be selfish and cruel even when they dont wish to be...
Only once did she complain when she felt God wasnt fair with her friend...

By now she started accepting things..she learned to nod but forgot to say no...with time....she found the imperfections in herself that gave her enough reasons for the way things were...

Never did she complain for those imperfections
as she felt those imperfections made her beautiful..unlike others...... :)



BEAUTIFUL.. :) Sweety it is a very heart felt entry.. I am just wondering if this is you... ! Coz if ir is love.. there is a lot of love you need to experience. :) You need to see yourself with the eyes of the divine and then you will know what its like.. !!! How beautiful a creation you are.. and how you keep the balance f this universe going.. :)

Love the back ground you have used.. would love it if you shared it. Hope you dont ming me using it for my personal blog also :) Be open to saying NO if you dont :)
Lots of love and light

Blessed be<3

pushtiee dii...

thanks a loot for finding time for reading my post...: :) means a loot..am soo happy that nothing on this earth could bring me down..:) i will definitely send the code of template used..no probs in sharing :)thanks once again..keep on blogging... blessed be :)

hi shruthi,

Came across your blog and must say that you are immensely talented when it comes to writing.I am a voracious reader and trust me i seriously like your post.You are bestowed with the gift of words and I dont know if this post is a fiction or your random thoughts but i would simply say.. just pour yourself out.. pls you surely dont need others to tell you that you are good..Dont you know that yourself..The process of self discovery is incredibly beautiful and hope you enjoy that process through writing!!God bless...


hey kirti...dnt know who u are.or how u came across my blog..but dear u dnt know how happy I am on reading your comments..just got back from college and was totally exhausted but ur comments simply brought that smile back :) ..thanks a lot dear..yeh process of self discovery is indeed beautiful :)..and I am enjoying that through writing :)..thanks again for stopping by.. :)
blessed be<3

I always knew tat u wer gud at writin aftr havin a few chats with u n hope u remembr me askn u why wudnt u start a blog?? :) but sadly im not tat gud at writin n i dont no wat to say abt ur post.all i wud say is its pretty gud :)

Ur bro vj...

beautifully put - the agony of a sibling, the expectations of a daughter, emotional - yes, somehow i find it difficult to adjust with emotional people as there is always a fear, u never know what might hurt them :(

thanx superman....antha bhayam irikattum :P

nice post....thanx 4 sharing!!

thx mrunal..blessed be <3

No one is perfect. Everyone has imperfections and that is what makes us unique. You can never be better than your brother the same way he can never be better than you.

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