I didnt screw up this time!!

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Monday, June 27, 2011

College life is going to be over..We are now in our final years..very hard to accept the fact that three years rolled just like that..
We realize that time has somehow slipped away and soon we will be saying good-bye..No more seniors to look at..Now I really wish to be a boy..I mean look at the boys of my class..they are eagerly waiting to meet the fresh faces..while we girls have none to wait for..:( :(..OVER..everything is over..No more seniors to peek at OH NO!!!!
Now we wish we could be younger.

The main twist came when our class got shifted to the one at the corner from where you could see nothing but pure landscape..Oh I miss my third year class, the one in front of the water cooler..A peek at the cooler would be enough to withstand any boring lectures..From mechanical to electronics each and everyone had to pass via our class..ALL THANKS TO THE COOLER :D..But now things are not the same..we are in fourth year..the so called SUPER SENIORS ARGH!!

Yeah right our condition is worse..I wonder why our college didn't have PG courses.The only time pass for now is to watch the guys from mechanical department who are of our same batch..Well they aren't that good like their old seniors though..But now that we are disposed to a corner classroom even it has become difficult to see at least one royal mech.(Well I still dont know why mechanical engineering students considered themselves to be royal..it still remains as an unsolved mystery.).Well we are seriously thinking of placing the cooler in front of our class..I hope you guys have got a clear picture now..yeah we are kind of living in SAHARA DESERT..We often keep recollecting our first year days..when there were more than 10 faces eager to meet us..PHEW!!! The crushes we had on our seniors and how life just froze after their farewell..The countless reasons we had for going to the college store.The immense happiness when the so called crush gave a simple hi or returned a smile...WOW LIFE WAS GOOD!!

Yeah most of the idiots in my gang had crush right that includes me too..Unlike others I got the golden opportunity to meet mine..In fact he himself called me one day but it was with the tag senior on his forehead..Well..I spoiled the first impression..I was literally trembling and shaking in front of him..I couldn't even talk properly..Everything from my mouth came out as a whisper..
But even after that embarrassing incident I didn't stop peeking at him..ARE!!there's no harm in admiring someone..Silent admiration doesn't hurt does it??

It took a week to know his name properly..but didn't take a second to search for him in ORKUT..:D yeah FB wasn't popular that time... :D But he was the royal one and my super senior so it was legally forbidden to send a request..Now being the Einstein I am I made it sure to visit his profile daily..And finally orkut gave me the surprise i was waiting for..."Mr V wants to be your friend..BINGO!!! After a brief discussion with my idiot gang I accepted the request...Well.. to be frank I was anyway going to accept the request... ;)..

What else guys nothing happened..very few chats...Whenever I saw him online I would start to pray "Oh God please make him to type a hello please"but later I would be the one typing it :D ..Years passed through few chats and glimpses..and they left the college..I don't think none remembers their farewell like us..Yup the royal batch of that year gained hell lot of admirers..For us college life just froze there..

You cant predict what life has in store for you..I never expected him to be my friend but destiny made him to be one..We were in contact through texting and chats..And I regretted every now and then for screwing up the first meet..I did want to talk that day but everything from my mouth turned out to be a whisper...I regretted for trembling before him and for making a complete idiot of myself..I wished to change the impression I had left..

Today while walking through the corridors we were recollecting all these moments..And once again i regretted for being so silly...The vibration of my cell woke me up from my thoughts..A message from the royal senior aha better to put it as royal alumni..stating that he was standing right in front of the college..I had my mouth wide open.."God why do you have to grant a wish so faaast??"
Well my idiot gang searched every nook and corner and declared that the whole are was safe.So he was joking aha ! I was bold again.. So messaged him back with a STOP FOOLING AROUND reply..
Just at the time of lunch break..my cell rang..showing the name of someone whom I never expected would call..MR V!! GOSH!!!Texting was fine but to call that too to call me..something impossible which clearly indicated only one thing that he has come... he has come to college..I managed to pick the call up..yeah the news was expected..he was right there near to our college store...BOLDNESS JUST VANISHED!!

Two questions were battling through my mind as I was rushing down the stairs
One : He came.. he did come... didn't he??
Two: I am going to meet him...woo will I screw it again??
Everything was quick thereafter.He was there sitting below the acacia tree with that familiar smile..Okay shruthi there is nothing to worry about..You are the super senior now he is just an alumni..so chill...
He was sitting there with a grin..I stood there and showered him with non stop blahs..some of which I cant even recollect now..I kept changing my positions to not let him know that my legs were trembling..After few secs it was all fine I was comfortable..I assumed myself to be a business corporate who had come to make a deal..Finally when he was about to leave he asked for the treat that I had promised..
Shruthi ROUND 1 is over and here's the next ROUND U NEED TO FACE..I just smiled forgetting the fact that I was looking like crap as I was deprived of sleep ..I consoled myself remembering the fact that " Beauty is not in the face but beauty is a light in the heart.."

Well the story didn't end there..He gave me a treat although I couldn't eat any..Met another alumni for the treat who belonged to my department..Well yeah I dint know this guy..Friends with a senior who isn't from my department and stranger to another who is from my department..wow Shruthi GOOD JOB!!I handled the whole situation like an interview from a Multi national company..I am sure that the royal alumni was taken aback seeing my improved version..With a handshake and a good luck wish to them I left the place feeling extremely happy with myself..




I enjoyed your article :)
never really knew what girls are thinking when we do all that flirting with juniors :P

:)good to know that you liked it..thx 4 the comment blessed be <3

haha....it was fun reading...but all d more interesting...wen we were seniors we wud luk out for new fresh face professors.. ;)

kya karoon sab ke sab budde he :( :( happy to know that u loved it :D anyways thx for ur comment starrey :):) blessed be <3

Are ! Hippie ! ha ha had fun reading it ha ha .. Was smiling through out. You na one Royal Bengal Tiger only . More Royal than the Royal Mech. Anyway i rely enjoyed reading it couldnt stop myself from commenting. And dont get disappointed there is nothing wrong in peeking at juniors ha ha

:D:D this ones a surprise :D never expected a comment from u chaw chaw :D:D..thanks a looot :)
peeking at juniors naaaah... :D thx chaw chaw :)
Blessed be :)

shruthi -- the fairy may not screw it up but you certainly will :P
by the way one question "why do you girls THINK so much???" I believe that you girls are programmed in such a way that you preplan or premeditate so much and ultimately none of it comes out to be practical... stop thinking and just let yourself free... carefree type

super man!! :D :D eh y girls think so much...ha..no idea sirji :D:D..well thx 4 the tips :D:D blessed be <3

very nice post.
i liked the line "We realize that time has somehow slipped away and soon we will be saying good-bye"

crushes can make life exciting...i bet your college attendance was pretty good only coz of ur crushes


@raghav thx buddy :)blessed be <3
@CRD u r ryt :D :D thx for visiting blessed be <3

Good one mohan :) you do bring up interesting facts :D

gud 1, shruthi!!! love it when other girls write about crushes, but haven't yet had d guts to write about mine!!! :)

hey very nice post!!! seriously college days... nostalgia prevailed after reading ur post. crushes on junior and mostly on seniors girls... it was fun. had a good laugh reading ur post... simply loved the way u expressed in the post,though u should have expressed a lil to Mr.V :)
keep writing!!!
waiting for ur next!

:D:D thx murthy..yeah abt epressing a lil :D ryt I wud have fainted before him...well he has a good impression by now after reading the post :D:D anyways thx again for stoppin by..keep blogging blessed be:)

@Avi..thanks :);)
@khadeeja.. well I am not that brave as u think :D anyways thx for goin thru

Brilliant writing. This post most accurately echoes the sentiments of college goers in the orkut era.

Its my first time here and am just loving reading what you have written in this space of yours.

Cheers :)

:)good to know that u loved it :)thanks a lot for stopping by :)keep blogging blessed be :)

good blog... i am a super senior this year too. Man i am going to miss my college life.
and as an answer to your question... No you did not screw up the second time .

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