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Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Dearest   dear friend
The question how are you doing won’t be of much significance here as it’s been a very long time
I hope with this mail you would know I am very much alive J
Why a  mail now? I know this question would be pondering over your mind when you see my mail in your inbox. Just got a day free from the busy family life or just got some time to think about myself ,time to think about how life changed all of a sudden J

I apologize  for not being there for your marriage. But I heard she is  pretty . Lucky guy..How’s your lil one  doing ? Surprised how I got to know ? J I have some loyal sources J . Although it would be tough for you to know my whereabouts  as I have been playing a game of hide n seek with you  all these years. Your  son resembles you . Hope he isn’t coward like you J Okay chill that was a joke J  As always life has been good to you..its good to know that you got a happily ever after  J

I came  last month to visit parents, a visit once in a year to let them know that am doing good , that my life is great.Drive through the city surprised me. The place has changed a lot. Lot of cafes and malls have changed the face of our city. Our favourite old coffee corner hasn’t lost its beauty among the new ones . Remember the beach far away from the city where you used to take me whenever we had to settle our silly fights J its crowded now and not a tidy place unlike earlier. Those kites in the sky reminded me of my dreams, my silly wishes J
Things around has pretty much changed .The most difficult thing is to understand that you can’t go back to what it was , to understand its time to forge a new path..

My cousin is getting married next month. Seems she got a matching profile fast. Aunt and uncle are happy. They hope she is lucky like me .The expectations ,it never dies J I pray the best for her. Hold on! Let me bring my coffee before I narrate the events in my happy world. The weather is good today. It’s the month of Christmas, that reminds me I was born in the month of December too . Well anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special days do not have a place in this home .He is on one of his official trips somewhere far away. He never mentions the place nor do I ask these days. We have become strangers with some memories. The scars I have on my body are the only reminders of my 8 year old marriage. By  the end of this month the fate of this 8 year long companionship would be decided, that’s what he said before he left .I had heard people say divorce is the best way to end the sufferings of married life . But the question is do I really need freedom now? Everything is so much easier when you do it without feelings. I have started to enjoy this life of slave. May be he wanted a new life.

I bet you wouldn't recognize me in crowd because  the chirpy crazy cheerful girl that lived in my body once is no more . I do wonder if he ever knew that girl .None knew her ,none saw he,r except you yet you decided to give me away, without even giving a try J I didn't want to force you either ,I didn’t want to plead J What a brave girl I was then J

This mail is not to make you guilty of anything. I have reached a point in my life where I cannot hold it all together. I had to talk to someone , someone who would understand me. I am not sure what I would do once I am freed from this home. I just don’t want my parents to be burdened by my sadness. It would kill them to know that their daughter’s marriage is ripping apart. The astrologer had proclaimed ours as the most compatible horoscope. This news might be a blow to his profession too J
Ah! Leave all that unhappy stories. Tell me, do you still go for trips? The road trips you used to tell me. Have you fulfilled those dreams? I bet she would be complaining about the techie guy in you ! Are you still that short tempered and foodie? Have you gained a fat belly? What about your dream of purchasing a beach side home? Do you own one now ? My daily routine is wake up, survive and go back to bed .Its been long since I have lived my life

When I look back , the best moments of my life have been with you for which I am thankful. You showed me the season of friendship the season of love and the season of happiness. Its rightly said the hardest person to get over with, is the one you never had but once made you happy. Hmm the coffee is really helping ! aha the best friend then and now. I shall plead  him  not to  leave me ‘legally' that would make my life meaningless. This life of mine will have to go on for my parents, for my siblings. Its my fate isn’t it?

That’s quite a long mail. I do feel better now J
I wish you all the happiness as always. Keep smiling J

A lost friend

With the next click the mail was saved to the draft items where it shall stay with 20 others unsent,unseen,unfinished….



Touched my heart. :-)

You are a wonderful freaking buddy who thinks, acts and does in the weirdest ways... i always wanted to be ur best buddy but its hard to crack the shell... really miss u dear...

Thank you for going through...
Well I don't prefer to b the xerox of others. . Totally clueless about ur identity.. Nevertheless thanks again 😊

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