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Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our most powerful school memories don't revolve around the teachers you had or the subjects you studied, but instead have to do with your relationships with other students..My best days were spent at Silver Hills Public school where I did my 11th and 12th..I have always been looking for a reunion there. It finally became a reality on Aug 22nd...I got the chance to visit the place where a whole lot of memories lived..a place where I found intense friendship,where I saw crushes getting crushed.. the laughter and cheer that remained even amidst the stressful homeworks and entrance classes... the miseries of being bullied, teased, and lonely..it was a complete package...I really didnt know the value of school life till my college life started..and may be I wont find the best things about college life till it ends ironic isnt it...........

I have found new friends..but dnt know why they dont reach up to my old buddies..School life was always a heaven..I dint realize it when I cursed about the long and long chemical equation,when I felt suffocated with all the entrance classes,when I had areal good time with my friends at annual day,when I became a senior and with that tag on the forehead I met the juniors,when I had to fill the slambooks...began to realize it slowly at the farewell day when I felt I wont meet half of the people again...when my friends went for orientation.. when they said about their new roommates and new schedules...It finally hit me as I walked towards the class where I was going to spend 4 years of my life as an engineering student..As I shook hands with my new classmate, a perfect stranger ,I murmured to myself aaah that idiot at school was indeed my best buddy :)..
So you people may think I am an emotional idiot, I am :)And that was the reason why I never missed any reunions..When most of my batch-mates gave silly reasons for not attending it..I lacked reasons for expecting every faces..Our last reunion was a real success...this time more people turned up..saw many faces which were getting blurred in my memory lane..

Most of them had changed..the smallest boy the chottu of our batch has now grown tall...taller than me :-o..pata nahi iske peeche horlicks yah complan ka haath he :)..The girl we often remarked as a talkative was no longer a chatter box..never thought she would become this silent..the girl who looked like a skeleton now had put on some weight and was now a terror among the juniors at her college..she said she was at the edge of getting suspended for ragging..my mouth was literally open..she exactly resembled a chottu skeleton during the school days..even now she hasnt gained much weight..and I dont know how she managed to get that terror tag :D..Most of the silent ones were now the violent ones..and vice versa..Some had put on weight..Few among them remained the same.Our class teacher himslef had undergone a real transformation..he finally started to crack some jokes..he used to be like a terminator..expressionless face..not much friendly..yeah the title was apt for him..he too had changed..he now seemed to be trying hard for a renaissance :P Few among them remained the same..As it was held on a sunday..we were free to roam around the classes..we walked across the corridors where we used to race each other..our class..the chemistry lab which reminded me about the salt tests..where breaking test tubes was once like a competition.. and there were people who earned name and fame for the number of test tubes they broke :D the lab assistant who considered himself as a collector :)the physics lab...which was the most boring lab for me :) Our most favorite computer lab where we used to conduct conferences while teacher took class..the project we had..the seminars about the topics we even dont clearly know about.....as we traveled throughout the path we once covered...whole lot of memories flashed..I missed one face among all...a face which I wont be able to see again..When I saw people clicking photos and posing..I wished to have one with my best buddy who is now in heaven at god's place..I missed him..I missed his talks..whenever I was with him I felt time was never enough for our talks never ended..I rarely checked my watch when I was with him for he was never out of things to talk upon..He always wanted to have a real big reunion..and when finally everyone found their time to meet up..he left us ..He was definitely a missing element for the reunion at least I missed him :)

Well the day was really special for me to meet a whole lot of faces I thought I would never see again..We spent about 3 hours there.. We were about to leave from a place where we all made a whole lot of memories to a completely different path...to a busy life..where you will see you best friend once at a random reunion or at some unexpected meeting.. ..I heard lots of promises of "keeping in touch",saw people exchanging their numbers,few of them cursing the other fellows who weren't able to turn up for the reunion,some of them complaining about the exams and assignments they had to complete on reaching hostel...

And we parted with a handshake a hug and a smile...Its going to be a month after the reunion and here I am still thinking about it and waiting for the next one..
yeh a stupid girl ryt?? :)



i did my schooling in tamil nadu and still i took a train from kerala to go see the fools i still consider as the best friends i ever had. this post makes me miss school. excellent post though!

as i'm reading this, i remember my happy school days, and i do agree that school friends are always to be remembered and they cannot be matched to college friends.

Thank you raghav :) blessed be <3

made me miss ma school days(dey were THE best!!!) and want a reunion!!!:(...nyc one!!!

:) thanks khadeeja blessed be <3

Nicely written. I could relate some of the things/incidents written, to my own life.

awesome shruti... u have a soothing way of expressing incidents... seriously school days were the best.. matchless... even i am waiting for a reunion till now.. it's been 5yrs for me... everyone is spread in different parts of the country.. we are in contact but as usual reunion thing is somethig which has to happen. especially dying to meet beautiful girls of my class on whom i had lots of crushes...:):)
seriously awesome piece of writing... loved it...

thanks murthy..feels gud to know that I refreshed your memories...Yeah do try to plan a reunion so that u can meet all including ur "crushes" :D:D
thanks again..blessed be <3

thanks rakesh :) blessed be

Liked the post a lot...school days were indeed too good.

thanks a loot for your comments :)
blessed be <3

its after such a long time that i was reminded of my school frnds .. lovely post .


hey... i read the whole post. What i really loved was the change in few traits of yo few frenz... like the Terror girl who was subtle one durin school days and all... I see the same.. ppl changin... I neva had a re-union with ma school frenz. I still am in touch with couple of ma kindergarten frenz... they still are the best of all. we all miss our school days a lot and this feelin will only grow with the years... Again yo post took me back to the memory lane. Right now i am in ma office commentin on ya post but i am just back frm ma school classes and hang out places :) thanks... and loved reading... will be waitn fo more :)

and ya... wat i really like about yo blog is the honesty of yo writings... its jus true...

heyyy thanks a lot for your comments..back to blogging eh?? what happened to ur short stories?? glad to see that u finally found time to comment :) thank you :) blessed be :)keep blogging :)

"flamboyantly humorous and stylish....gud.keep it up....."

:)thanks bro :) thanks a loot blessed be<3

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