The Magical 4 letter word!!

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Sunday, September 12, 2010

I saw its first reflection when amma kissed me first on my forehead..it had that sweetness,it had the affection,it had the care..so it was supposed to be a mix of all these...When my father lifted me up and throwed me in air only to make me feel sure that I was safe in his hands..I found it had a new meaning..it made the feeling of secureness...It found an entirely different meaning through the times I spend with my brother..teasing,fighting,sharing,having pranks on one another...still at the end of the day a feeling of togetherness..So it happened to be something that I took for granted...

I later found its counterpart on my journey...they seemed to be similar in all respects..they make u blind..they give u fuzzy dream like memories... baseless fantasies.. their identities were something hard to distinguish..through the course of my journey I recognized the difference..its counter part makes you to look only the brighter side..it makes you head over heels for no apparent reason..most importantly..it is weakened by time and separation...yep thats what an Infatuation is...I have experienced it..pure immaturity :) Time erased it soo easily when I thought it wouldn't..It was just a feeling of being in love..

So wat is it?? The so called real "it"?? thats an euphoric feeling..quite understanding and mature acceptance of imperfection...Time made me realize the fact that it was something unconditional...where u dont look for reasons..or where u dont find a reason..caring about the happiness of another without a thought for what we might get for ourselves...like what our parents have for us..what we have for our friends..what we have for our loved ones..Each and everyone of us will definitely find it once..through our journey of life..Yep amidst the fake ones you will experience the real ones..some neglect it..some accept it..some fear to admit it...But it will always remain a sweet thing you have discovered on your journey..a sweet memory..which you will never regret of having ...

It is a magic brought out when those 4 letters get united---LOVE...



"When my father lifted me up and throwed me in air only to make me sure that I was safe in his hands.."

wow nice writing, keep up your good work!!!

lovely work...loved it!!!keep going!!!

thank u guys... blessed be <3

hii shruti... first of all amazing piece of writing... such a lucid way of expression. trust me i was euphoric when i was reading it... keep on writing ... waiting to read more from ya....

thanks murthy..means a loot blessed be <3

awesome post, i like your writing style!!!

This is indeed a beautiful post...I have always liked people from Kerala...they express themselves so well. :)

Well written!! No one can replace the parents' love towards their child.

i am following your blog Shruti

Very Good Work, Keep Posting

@all thank you well didnt expect much response 4 this post..:) thank you for going thru..
yeah will keep posting :) blessed be <3

very sweet indeed, delicately written n probablky enwrapped almost all aspects ot it, n dis many no. of comments is d least u deserv

thanks a looot vineeth..really it means a lot..b/w loved ur last post about booze parties!!!lol laughed a loot.. thanks again friend..keep blogging blessed be <3

A friend in fact my oldest friend will feel proud if she got the chance to look at your blog.... you two are extremely expressive and gifted writers.... I always suggest her to go ahead and write some thing big and now today I would like u tell you that you should use your writing skills for some thing big.... Go ahead girl.. good luck...

Oh thats a really big compliment.. :)thanks friend... I think my comment on 404 errors led u to my blog :)Thanks again for your valuable comments..blessed be <3

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