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Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Thursday, April 03, 2014

We all have disguises. It is rightly said that "You are who you are when nobody is watching"
23 years I have been living with my parents . But the question is do they really know me?Or is it they only see a part which I intend to show them?
Do they know the ambitions and the dreams I have?
Do they know that I love travelling and writing?
Do they know that I feel myself trapped in a dream which was never mine?
Do they know that I do not want to end up with any Tom/Dick/Harry randomly arranged for me?
Do they know that I value some non-blood relations?
Do they know why the word child abuse freaks me out?
Do they know that my best friend's death had left me in a world of darkness and I had given up hope in life?
Do they know that books are my friends and writing all the nonsense that comes to my mind gives me relief?
Do they know that I have seen the season of grief and the season of love ?
Do they know that dad's alcoholism had affected my life too like my mom's , that it had caused me 3 years of suffocation in my own house ?
Do they know that their daughter was suicidal ?
Do they know that I have had sleepless nights and terrible nightmares ?
Do they know that I love them and wish they would know me?
Do they know that my love for them will always make me a martyr of my dreams?
Will they ever know the person I really am?
Bearing all these questions in mind ,I grabbed my disguise to blend in with the crowd...



Question is, do you think it's time they read this? Maybe it'll help them understand you better.

Found your blog link after revisiting orkut's Bloggeratti community (im the owner of that community). I have started a group with the same name on FB too :)

Definitely not my last visit here. Glad you're one of the few members who still blog.

Do drop by mine.


Hey :) Just saw the comment today :) Yup this is one place where I can be myself, so I still blog :) Wow you found mine from the good old orkut group :) thanks for stopping by :)
Definitely gonna visit yours .. and yea fb group I shall check

Thanks again :)

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