Tale of a lost innocence

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Sunday, April 19, 2015
Life has been pretty much boring and being unemployed adds to the grief. Just another sleepless night. Another night when you don't have anything to do but stare on to the ceiling and think about the life you have lived so far. Its been a Roller coaster ride. People see only the face that I reveal. Behind the goofy crazy bubbly smart girl image lies a face of a lil girl, the face of a scared lil girl whose innocence was snatched away.Few years back the only dreams I had was that of a guy who resembled the grim reaper.In  all my dreams he was either chasing me down a dark alley or choking me."Being strangled in a dream reflect feelings of someone trying to choke your efforts to be heard or understood in waking life" Among all the articles I read,this made sense. I had to remove my fear and face it once and for all.

So here I am trying to tell you guys the story of that lil girl.

She lived in her mom's paternal home as her dad was away digging money in the sands of Arabia.The house was quite big to accommodate her uncles aunts and their babies besides her own family. She loved the big family atmosphere.The playmate she had at that time was her only brother and her baby boy cousin .They spent their evening playing all sorts of games. The big house was filled with their laughter.One fine day when she reached home after school,she found a new face, a tall dark boy elder than her own brother was holding her little cousin.He had a wide smile. "Molu, meet Rama ,he has come to baby sit your lil brother. From now on, you guys have a new playmate,he is a Tamilian but can understand Malayalam" said my aunt. He gave me a handshake . We were happy to get a new playmate. Rama had to do some of the household work ,besides  taking care of her baby.We all became closer to Rama within few weeks. He taught us how to  cook raw cashews, made swing for us, sang song for us,became one among us.
As I gave a hint earlier this is not a fairy tale. how can things go so smooth ? so happy?.

On a Sunday afternoon he called me and said " You are growing up fast dear, do u know some things are to be done before you become a big girl?" I didn't understand the meaning behind that statement. He explained " Dont you worry , I will let you know ,I will teach you,everyone around you has done it and now its your time my sweetie pie ". He blurted out the name of a girl and a boy who had "done it"to gain my confidence. The girl was my mom's cousin while the boy was my neighbor.I didn't understand a word he was trying to explain. He concluded that it was just a new game.
The house had a toilet built outside for the use of maids.Rama was allotted to use it. Once he completed his explanation he took me by my hand and led me to his bathroom.He locked the door without  making a noise. He didn't want to wake up anyone from their good afternoon's sleep.
He unzipped his pants and demonstrated his assets detailing how things will be done with my help.I felt a chill in my body. Something was wrong.I was sensing it . Once he was done with his demo, he asked me to show him what I was hiding in my underpants.I was seeing a new face of Rama . There stood a dark cloaked figure,with its evil grin it was trying to grab me. I pushed him and unlocked the door.I ran as fast as I can to my room.I was shivering, I was frightened, I was ashamed of myself. I was scared to tell anyone. I avoided him throughout the evening. 
On usual days children slept in the TV room with Rama while the elders had dinner. But that day I wanted to be awake till everyone had their dinner .Sadly my eyelashes stopped fighting and I fell asleep on my mom's lap.

I woke up early next day and peeked through the keyhole to check for Rama's presence. He was nowhere to be seen.No matter how far you run,evil spirits will find their way to you. He grabbed me from behind while I was taking steps to kitchen.That familiar chill ran through my spine. He had a surprise news for me. Why not hear it in his words .. " My dear you thought you could run away? I know you wont tell anyone as you have done something wrong! Last night your mom left you with me so that she could dine with others.You were lying on my lap.! I have seen what you are hiding behind those cute frocks.You needn't worry now we have done it. You have done it with me. Go talk to your parents they will hate you . Remember they will hate you "........
The story ends with his last words..so does her innocence when she was hardly 7 or 8  years old. 
It took few years to clearly understand his words "you have done it with me". My aunt says , his hardwork has paid off .He has a well payed job and a loving family now. For me ,growing up with the  dark memories of past was terrible. Family troubles, being back-stabbed by friends,death of bestie, academic failures,everything just added up,it took lot of years to bring down the wall. 

This post was possible only because of  my love who helped me to face my tormented past, who loves me unconditionally ,who makes me feel like a pretty lady,who ignores my damaged soul and brings smile to my face every day. Without you I would have  remained as a defective painting in my family.I hope everyone finds their savior.
That scared lil girl, well she is fading away, she has to fade away for happier memories :) 

One of out of every three girls will be sexually assaulted by the age of 18. One out of 7 children are abused, It took me 24 years to open up about my past ... It shouldn't hurt to be a child..Save their innocence if you can 


The unseen mail

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Dearest   dear friend
The question how are you doing won’t be of much significance here as it’s been a very long time
I hope with this mail you would know I am very much alive J
Why a  mail now? I know this question would be pondering over your mind when you see my mail in your inbox. Just got a day free from the busy family life or just got some time to think about myself ,time to think about how life changed all of a sudden J

I apologize  for not being there for your marriage. But I heard she is  pretty . Lucky guy..How’s your lil one  doing ? Surprised how I got to know ? J I have some loyal sources J . Although it would be tough for you to know my whereabouts  as I have been playing a game of hide n seek with you  all these years. Your  son resembles you . Hope he isn’t coward like you J Okay chill that was a joke J  As always life has been good to you..its good to know that you got a happily ever after  J

I came  last month to visit parents, a visit once in a year to let them know that am doing good , that my life is great.Drive through the city surprised me. The place has changed a lot. Lot of cafes and malls have changed the face of our city. Our favourite old coffee corner hasn’t lost its beauty among the new ones . Remember the beach far away from the city where you used to take me whenever we had to settle our silly fights J its crowded now and not a tidy place unlike earlier. Those kites in the sky reminded me of my dreams, my silly wishes J
Things around has pretty much changed .The most difficult thing is to understand that you can’t go back to what it was , to understand its time to forge a new path..

My cousin is getting married next month. Seems she got a matching profile fast. Aunt and uncle are happy. They hope she is lucky like me .The expectations ,it never dies J I pray the best for her. Hold on! Let me bring my coffee before I narrate the events in my happy world. The weather is good today. It’s the month of Christmas, that reminds me I was born in the month of December too . Well anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special days do not have a place in this home .He is on one of his official trips somewhere far away. He never mentions the place nor do I ask these days. We have become strangers with some memories. The scars I have on my body are the only reminders of my 8 year old marriage. By  the end of this month the fate of this 8 year long companionship would be decided, that’s what he said before he left .I had heard people say divorce is the best way to end the sufferings of married life . But the question is do I really need freedom now? Everything is so much easier when you do it without feelings. I have started to enjoy this life of slave. May be he wanted a new life.

I bet you wouldn't recognize me in crowd because  the chirpy crazy cheerful girl that lived in my body once is no more . I do wonder if he ever knew that girl .None knew her ,none saw he,r except you yet you decided to give me away, without even giving a try J I didn't want to force you either ,I didn’t want to plead J What a brave girl I was then J

This mail is not to make you guilty of anything. I have reached a point in my life where I cannot hold it all together. I had to talk to someone , someone who would understand me. I am not sure what I would do once I am freed from this home. I just don’t want my parents to be burdened by my sadness. It would kill them to know that their daughter’s marriage is ripping apart. The astrologer had proclaimed ours as the most compatible horoscope. This news might be a blow to his profession too J
Ah! Leave all that unhappy stories. Tell me, do you still go for trips? The road trips you used to tell me. Have you fulfilled those dreams? I bet she would be complaining about the techie guy in you ! Are you still that short tempered and foodie? Have you gained a fat belly? What about your dream of purchasing a beach side home? Do you own one now ? My daily routine is wake up, survive and go back to bed .Its been long since I have lived my life

When I look back , the best moments of my life have been with you for which I am thankful. You showed me the season of friendship the season of love and the season of happiness. Its rightly said the hardest person to get over with, is the one you never had but once made you happy. Hmm the coffee is really helping ! aha the best friend then and now. I shall plead  him  not to  leave me ‘legally' that would make my life meaningless. This life of mine will have to go on for my parents, for my siblings. Its my fate isn’t it?

That’s quite a long mail. I do feel better now J
I wish you all the happiness as always. Keep smiling J

A lost friend

With the next click the mail was saved to the draft items where it shall stay with 20 others unsent,unseen,unfinished….


You know Me?

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Thursday, April 03, 2014

We all have disguises. It is rightly said that "You are who you are when nobody is watching"
23 years I have been living with my parents . But the question is do they really know me?Or is it they only see a part which I intend to show them?
Do they know the ambitions and the dreams I have?
Do they know that I love travelling and writing?
Do they know that I feel myself trapped in a dream which was never mine?
Do they know that I do not want to end up with any Tom/Dick/Harry randomly arranged for me?
Do they know that I value some non-blood relations?
Do they know why the word child abuse freaks me out?
Do they know that my best friend's death had left me in a world of darkness and I had given up hope in life?
Do they know that books are my friends and writing all the nonsense that comes to my mind gives me relief?
Do they know that I have seen the season of grief and the season of love ?
Do they know that dad's alcoholism had affected my life too like my mom's , that it had caused me 3 years of suffocation in my own house ?
Do they know that their daughter was suicidal ?
Do they know that I have had sleepless nights and terrible nightmares ?
Do they know that I love them and wish they would know me?
Do they know that my love for them will always make me a martyr of my dreams?
Will they ever know the person I really am?
Bearing all these questions in mind ,I grabbed my disguise to blend in with the crowd...


I didnt screw up this time!!

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Monday, June 27, 2011

College life is going to be over..We are now in our final years..very hard to accept the fact that three years rolled just like that..
We realize that time has somehow slipped away and soon we will be saying good-bye..No more seniors to look at..Now I really wish to be a boy..I mean look at the boys of my class..they are eagerly waiting to meet the fresh faces..while we girls have none to wait for..:( :(..OVER..everything is over..No more seniors to peek at OH NO!!!!
Now we wish we could be younger.

The main twist came when our class got shifted to the one at the corner from where you could see nothing but pure landscape..Oh I miss my third year class, the one in front of the water cooler..A peek at the cooler would be enough to withstand any boring lectures..From mechanical to electronics each and everyone had to pass via our class..ALL THANKS TO THE COOLER :D..But now things are not the same..we are in fourth year..the so called SUPER SENIORS ARGH!!

Yeah right our condition is worse..I wonder why our college didn't have PG courses.The only time pass for now is to watch the guys from mechanical department who are of our same batch..Well they aren't that good like their old seniors though..But now that we are disposed to a corner classroom even it has become difficult to see at least one royal mech.(Well I still dont know why mechanical engineering students considered themselves to be royal..it still remains as an unsolved mystery.).Well we are seriously thinking of placing the cooler in front of our class..I hope you guys have got a clear picture now..yeah we are kind of living in SAHARA DESERT..We often keep recollecting our first year days..when there were more than 10 faces eager to meet us..PHEW!!! The crushes we had on our seniors and how life just froze after their farewell..The countless reasons we had for going to the college store.The immense happiness when the so called crush gave a simple hi or returned a smile...WOW LIFE WAS GOOD!!

Yeah most of the idiots in my gang had crush right that includes me too..Unlike others I got the golden opportunity to meet mine..In fact he himself called me one day but it was with the tag senior on his forehead..Well..I spoiled the first impression..I was literally trembling and shaking in front of him..I couldn't even talk properly..Everything from my mouth came out as a whisper..
But even after that embarrassing incident I didn't stop peeking at him..ARE!!there's no harm in admiring someone..Silent admiration doesn't hurt does it??

It took a week to know his name properly..but didn't take a second to search for him in ORKUT..:D yeah FB wasn't popular that time... :D But he was the royal one and my super senior so it was legally forbidden to send a request..Now being the Einstein I am I made it sure to visit his profile daily..And finally orkut gave me the surprise i was waiting for..."Mr V wants to be your friend..BINGO!!! After a brief discussion with my idiot gang I accepted the request...Well.. to be frank I was anyway going to accept the request... ;)..

What else guys nothing happened..very few chats...Whenever I saw him online I would start to pray "Oh God please make him to type a hello please"but later I would be the one typing it :D ..Years passed through few chats and glimpses..and they left the college..I don't think none remembers their farewell like us..Yup the royal batch of that year gained hell lot of admirers..For us college life just froze there..

You cant predict what life has in store for you..I never expected him to be my friend but destiny made him to be one..We were in contact through texting and chats..And I regretted every now and then for screwing up the first meet..I did want to talk that day but everything from my mouth turned out to be a whisper...I regretted for trembling before him and for making a complete idiot of myself..I wished to change the impression I had left..

Today while walking through the corridors we were recollecting all these moments..And once again i regretted for being so silly...The vibration of my cell woke me up from my thoughts..A message from the royal senior aha better to put it as royal alumni..stating that he was standing right in front of the college..I had my mouth wide open.."God why do you have to grant a wish so faaast??"
Well my idiot gang searched every nook and corner and declared that the whole are was safe.So he was joking aha ! I was bold again.. So messaged him back with a STOP FOOLING AROUND reply..
Just at the time of lunch break..my cell rang..showing the name of someone whom I never expected would call..MR V!! GOSH!!!Texting was fine but to call that too to call me..something impossible which clearly indicated only one thing that he has come... he has come to college..I managed to pick the call up..yeah the news was expected..he was right there near to our college store...BOLDNESS JUST VANISHED!!

Two questions were battling through my mind as I was rushing down the stairs
One : He came.. he did come... didn't he??
Two: I am going to meet him...woo will I screw it again??
Everything was quick thereafter.He was there sitting below the acacia tree with that familiar smile..Okay shruthi there is nothing to worry about..You are the super senior now he is just an alumni..so chill...
He was sitting there with a grin..I stood there and showered him with non stop blahs..some of which I cant even recollect now..I kept changing my positions to not let him know that my legs were trembling..After few secs it was all fine I was comfortable..I assumed myself to be a business corporate who had come to make a deal..Finally when he was about to leave he asked for the treat that I had promised..
Shruthi ROUND 1 is over and here's the next ROUND U NEED TO FACE..I just smiled forgetting the fact that I was looking like crap as I was deprived of sleep ..I consoled myself remembering the fact that " Beauty is not in the face but beauty is a light in the heart.."

Well the story didn't end there..He gave me a treat although I couldn't eat any..Met another alumni for the treat who belonged to my department..Well yeah I dint know this guy..Friends with a senior who isn't from my department and stranger to another who is from my department..wow Shruthi GOOD JOB!!I handled the whole situation like an interview from a Multi national company..I am sure that the royal alumni was taken aback seeing my improved version..With a handshake and a good luck wish to them I left the place feeling extremely happy with myself..




Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Saturday, March 19, 2011

This post is about two individuals..born and brought up in different circumstances...unknown to each other...till time made them to tie the knot with each other...Funny eh?? Time acts in a strange way....

She was the eldest one in her family..She lost her mom when she was just 10 or 12...She missed her mom's care and affection..but life taught her to be strong to be independent..Her father wasn't a bad one..he was a man of principles..who loved his kids more than anything but rarely showed or expressed his love for them..For the sake of his younger kids..he decided to re-marry..The kids got their new mom...She was a contrast to the concepts of step mom we had for ages..The girl got to experience the once lost mothers care n affection..By now she was more responsible..she gave preference to her brothers than to herself..Her role was more of a mother than of a sister to her siblings....

Though she wasn't tat brilliant..she loved to study, science was her favourite subject..But her father's view was different..he was least interested in her studies..neither did he wanted her to get a job..He believed that earning income was not a girls cup of tea...She was scared of her father..she nodded obediently to all his views..She loved her college she loved her friends..she treasured her college days..She hated whenever she was asked to bunk her classes to meet some unknown guy and his family..who had come with a promise of a great future for her...

He was the eldest one in his family..he was a narrow minded,systematic,inexpressive, brilliant guy.His family wasn't financially sound.He completed his B tech in a reputed institution..he had to go for part-time jobs to support his studies..He worked hard for his family and he taught his sister and got her a job as a teacher..He tried ways to support his younger brother but he was unsuccessful..He was not a guy who tried to find time for his friends..may be it was because he was in a hurry to keep his family stable...he wasn't an introvert kinda person..he was short tempered..and for him spending time for others was like asking for too much.. whatever he travelled throughout the path of life without a comrade..he lacked a friend..His college days could never present him with a best friend..a good-friend..but he did find friends who introduced new habits in his life..of which smoking haunts him till now....

Two completely different individuals "HE" and "SHE"..and finally destiny decided to bring them together..She met him for the first time at her home..she was asked to bunk her college to meet yet another unknown guy..To her surprise she couldn't find him..she was welcomed by his father's face at her home..There after everything was so quick..the girl met the boy, she could find traces of her father's character in him..even he was a guy who was of the view that earning income was not a girl's cup of tea.. all she had to do was to have some degree and then devote her entire life to look after her husband and kids...The date was fixed and the two individuals who never knew each other tied the knot on an auspicious day..Two strangers thrown together forever, for years, and expected to make it!"

She was a good mother, a good wife..she never complained about the busy schedules of her husband..she was used to all these in her early life..He couldn't keep his official life and private life in different levels..He wanted to have a safe secure life for his kids..he continued to find means to support his parents and his brother..He went abroad when he got a better job..and spent there 5 years of his life..He was still in a rush to fulfill the dreams he had for his kids..He was a proud father of two..Somewhere in his hurry to find a balance and in her decision to sacrifice her likes for others..they both lost time for themselves..they lost their time in connecting with each other..
Their marriage life did see ups and downs..could be quoted as the critical years of their life due to all the habits he acquired during his college life..But it helped the kids to be stronger..taught them what life can be!!

Realizations often occur late..but it do occur..And strangely for him it took years..
when she was hospitalized for a surgery..and through the days of her bed rest..he started to realize the role of the woman in his life..its not that he didnt love her..could say he took her for granted ..He is trying to regain the lost time..though he rarely succeeds..:) she laughs at his attempts and remarks " You are mad..!!"

Though they were two strangers when they married,.completely different individuals..with no common likes..., through the years ..they did develop some unseen connection that kept their relation going..They both find that there is still more to discover about each other,more that is ledft to surprise and startle..If you ask me whether they were perfect for each other..whether they could have found better partners..I am sorry I dont have an answer..but theres one thing I am so sure about..



Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Saturday, November 27, 2010
PS :This post has got nothing to with my life..this one is a short story my first piece of work that was appreciated..wrote it when I was in my eighth grade..So..heres my first short story.. :)


It was raining heavily..I was completely drenched in rain when I reached the bus stand..I loved rain..but not today because I didn't want to miss my bus ..I checked my watch ; Na i wasn't late..it was only 6pm..and the bus was scheduled to start within 30 minutes..I was happy to find a vacant window seat..He was supposed to reach before me...I wondered what kept him too long....Rain was still pouring..

I remember the expression he had when I asked him whether he was ready to live in a safe place where he could sleep peacefully without an empty stomach..At first he stared at me..he was bewildered by a question that too from a stranger he had met 3 days back...He murmured something...and said "paanch rupiah madam" I guess I got the answer..I payed him for the bouquet he gave me..He grabbed it and in the next second he was invisible within the crowd that had gathered at the beach..I dint get much time to convince him...I was sad at his response..
Sister Angelica was right may be he was used to his way of living..She had advised me not to get so close to the boy whom I had met just 2 days back after my arrival .By profession I am a writer working for a small magazine named Voice..I often took leave from my busy schedules to visit Angelica who was my mother sister father everything..I loved being at her place..She owned a small house with a beautiful garden facing the beach..I got the feeling of being in a fantasy world whenever I visited her place..Most of the stories I wrote were born here right here at her place...Lying on her lap I thought of him...I thought about our first meet..

I was having a look at the most spectacular sunset when i felt a small pat on my shoulder..I found a small boy of 6 or 7..with a basket full of handmade bouquets..He was dark and thin and wore pants too big for his size..He had lot of scratches and burns on his body..but he had a bright smile on his face..I returned his smile..He wasn't looking at me but at the sketch of the sunset I had made..I gave him the sketch..his fingers traced along the sketch and the letters written below it...I bought a bouquet from him and asked him to keep the sketch..

May be I was too quick...But all I wanted was to help him... I didn't know what brought me close to this little one.I didn't know where he lived..he had tears in his eyes when I asked about his parents..I recognized the pain in those tears the pain of an orphan..an abandoned life..He had fear in his eyes..he did fear something or someone..may be that was why he neglected my offer.

It was Sister Angelica who woke me up the next day to let me know that I had a visitor..I could get her from her smile who the visitor was...I rushed outside to meet him.He was wearing the same khaki pant...the same cute smile..but he had a new-imprint on his left cheek..a fresh burn.. He kept a distance from me.. It took a while for me to put up the same question again in front of him..This time he gave me a quick nod..He promised to meet me at the bus stand...and left quickly before I could say a word..


The rain had finally stopped pouring..I rechecked my watch. 10 more minutes..I tried to relax and not to worry..I decided to take ticket for two..to my surprise instead of tickets the conductor handled me a cover..He said someone had left it for me when I was sleeping..I found a rolled sheet of paper and a bouquet in it..As I unrolled the paper tears started to roll down..it was the sketch of the sunset..
I could hear the voice of the cleaner shouting " ..last bus.. this is the last bus...."
Yeah it was the last bus....



Yester Me, Yester You,Yester years..

Posted by SHRUTHI K MOHAN on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our most powerful school memories don't revolve around the teachers you had or the subjects you studied, but instead have to do with your relationships with other students..My best days were spent at Silver Hills Public school where I did my 11th and 12th..I have always been looking for a reunion there. It finally became a reality on Aug 22nd...I got the chance to visit the place where a whole lot of memories lived..a place where I found intense friendship,where I saw crushes getting crushed.. the laughter and cheer that remained even amidst the stressful homeworks and entrance classes... the miseries of being bullied, teased, and lonely..it was a complete package...I really didnt know the value of school life till my college life started..and may be I wont find the best things about college life till it ends ironic isnt it...........

I have found new friends..but dnt know why they dont reach up to my old buddies..School life was always a heaven..I dint realize it when I cursed about the long and long chemical equation,when I felt suffocated with all the entrance classes,when I had areal good time with my friends at annual day,when I became a senior and with that tag on the forehead I met the juniors,when I had to fill the slambooks...began to realize it slowly at the farewell day when I felt I wont meet half of the people again...when my friends went for orientation.. when they said about their new roommates and new schedules...It finally hit me as I walked towards the class where I was going to spend 4 years of my life as an engineering student..As I shook hands with my new classmate, a perfect stranger ,I murmured to myself aaah that idiot at school was indeed my best buddy :)..
So you people may think I am an emotional idiot, I am :)And that was the reason why I never missed any reunions..When most of my batch-mates gave silly reasons for not attending it..I lacked reasons for expecting every faces..Our last reunion was a real success...this time more people turned up..saw many faces which were getting blurred in my memory lane..

Most of them had changed..the smallest boy the chottu of our batch has now grown tall...taller than me :-o..pata nahi iske peeche horlicks yah complan ka haath he :)..The girl we often remarked as a talkative was no longer a chatter box..never thought she would become this silent..the girl who looked like a skeleton now had put on some weight and was now a terror among the juniors at her college..she said she was at the edge of getting suspended for ragging..my mouth was literally open..she exactly resembled a chottu skeleton during the school days..even now she hasnt gained much weight..and I dont know how she managed to get that terror tag :D..Most of the silent ones were now the violent ones..and vice versa..Some had put on weight..Few among them remained the same.Our class teacher himslef had undergone a real transformation..he finally started to crack some jokes..he used to be like a terminator..expressionless face..not much friendly..yeah the title was apt for him..he too had changed..he now seemed to be trying hard for a renaissance :P Few among them remained the same..As it was held on a sunday..we were free to roam around the classes..we walked across the corridors where we used to race each other..our class..the chemistry lab which reminded me about the salt tests..where breaking test tubes was once like a competition.. and there were people who earned name and fame for the number of test tubes they broke :D the lab assistant who considered himself as a collector :)the physics lab...which was the most boring lab for me :) Our most favorite computer lab where we used to conduct conferences while teacher took class..the project we had..the seminars about the topics we even dont clearly know about.....as we traveled throughout the path we once covered...whole lot of memories flashed..I missed one face among all...a face which I wont be able to see again..When I saw people clicking photos and posing..I wished to have one with my best buddy who is now in heaven at god's place..I missed him..I missed his talks..whenever I was with him I felt time was never enough for our talks never ended..I rarely checked my watch when I was with him for he was never out of things to talk upon..He always wanted to have a real big reunion..and when finally everyone found their time to meet up..he left us ..He was definitely a missing element for the reunion at least I missed him :)

Well the day was really special for me to meet a whole lot of faces I thought I would never see again..We spent about 3 hours there.. We were about to leave from a place where we all made a whole lot of memories to a completely different path...to a busy life..where you will see you best friend once at a random reunion or at some unexpected meeting.. ..I heard lots of promises of "keeping in touch",saw people exchanging their numbers,few of them cursing the other fellows who weren't able to turn up for the reunion,some of them complaining about the exams and assignments they had to complete on reaching hostel...

And we parted with a handshake a hug and a smile...Its going to be a month after the reunion and here I am still thinking about it and waiting for the next one..
yeh a stupid girl ryt?? :)


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